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The Full Story

Matthew has fostered his passion for music since he commenced singing lessons in childhood and has since grown to enjoy a professional career in music.


Matthew is both a vocalist and instrumentalist, complementing his vocal work alongside technical studies of musical theory, arrangement and composition; proficient on both the piano and organ with which he accompanies his vocals.

Over the years, Matthew has performed both solo and in a choral setting, coming to develop and appreciate a love of many genres of music from Sacred Church Music to the Classical, Operatic and Contemporary. Being of Italian heritage, he is also fluent in the language and has an extensive Italian and Latin repertoire. His versatility is notable with experience in many other styles of music including jazz, popular music and musical theatre.


He has acquired considerable success and quality experience performing across greater Sydney and has been noted for his acute sense of professionalism and reliability. He is recognised for his vocal range and graceful timbre, as well as his sound theoretical knowledge which permits an exceptionally practical command of challenging repertoire. His friendly and affable nature caters for all.


Matthew offers his services for entertainment at all occasions including concerts, private functions and receptions. He is also a competent church musician regularly accompanying both funerals and weddings.


Weddings and Funerals

Matthew is a vocalist, pianist and organist. He is an experienced and accomplished church musician accompanying both weddings and funerals regularly.

Why have Matthew accompany your church service?

Music is an essential part of both funeral and wedding ceremonies. For such an occasion the impact of live music in particular cannot be compared with that of pre-recorded music. A church service grants the opportunity for the inclusion of music in a way that can enhance a ceremony in a transformative and impactful way which can only be achieved when it is preformed live.


As an experienced church musician Matthew sings and accompanies not just hymns and songs but also other parts of a service such as the Ordinaries of the Mass, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation and more while also filling moments of silence with appropriate instrumental music and providing prelude and postlude music where necessary. Live accompaniment on the one instrument throughout the duration of a service grants a pleasant sense of uniformity in sound. 


As Matthew accompanies himself, he has the freedom to control duration, timing, dynamics and tempo in a way that can reflect both your personal preferences and respond to the needs on the day. Any piece of music can be made to fit any point of the service seamlessly and the structure can be rearranged to achieve the best effect at the right time.

Matthew is always happy to learn a new musical piece upon request. As a musician, he is not limited to the availability of a backing track and can transcribe an accompaniment of any piece of music in order to perform it live.

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